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The Sven Nys Cycling Center is the perfect base to explore other attractions in the area.
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SN Logies

Logeer op een booscheut van het Sven Nys Cycling Center, midden in het Hageland

SN Logies biedt je de keuze uit 5 gloednieuwe kamers. Prima geschikt voor zowel koppels, families, bedrijven als teams. Dankzij een comfortabele meetingruimte kan je werk en sport hier perfect combineren!


®Lander Loeckx

Damien museum

Discover the modernised Damien Museum, a contemporary and interactive experience centre where you can follow in Father Damien’s footsteps. The museum guides you through different periods in the life of the Greatest Belgian and demonstrates that Father Damien is still a source of inspiration today.

Pater Damiaanstraat 37
3120 Tremelo
T: 016/53.05.19

Horst castle

Concealed between green Hageland hills, you will discover a magnificent moated castle which is still standing there just as its last noble inhabitants left it in the 17th century. You can relive its history and admire the castle from the patio of the Wagenhuis inn. Around the castle you can enjoy a beautiful nature reserve.

Horststraat 28
3220 Holsbeek
T: 016/62.33.45

®Luc Vanmolecot
®Lander Loeckx

The Hageland wine visitor centre

Want to know everything about Hageland wine? With a tasting session too? Then step inside the Hageland wine visitors’ centre in the heart of Wezemaal. From here you can also take wonderful walks. The visitors’ centre is the starting point for the Vineyard Walk, one of the most beautiful hikes in Flanders.

Kerkstraat 16
3111 Wezemaal
T: 016/61.64.15

Aarschotse Bruine Beer

Granted, it’s not a real ‘brown café’. But the museum’s café ‘t Bruine Café in Aarschot reproduces the feel of an old Belgian brown café really well. The perfect place to try a local beer, such as a real Aarschotse Bruine Beer.

Elisabethlaan 103
3200 Aarschot
T: 016/56.97.05

®Toerisme Aarschot
®Denis Decaluwe

Rock Werchter X and Jack op

In the Rock Werchter X experience centre, you relive the top moments of four decades of the Rock Werchter music festival with the aid of posters, factsheets, images, names and music. Jack-Op, the famous Werchter beer is also a focal highlight here. Varied anecdotes about Rock Werchter and the Jack-Op brewery make this visit unique and fascinating. You can give Jack-Op beer a try in the pleasant ‘Jack-Op museum café’.

Amerstraat 1
3118 Werchter
T: 016/61.64.15

Vlooyberg tower

A bit of surrealism in the midst of the Hageland landscape. This floating lookout staircase in rust-coloured weathering steel towers eleven metres high above the Vlooyberg in Tielt-Winge. The panorama stretches from Vilvoorde to the Limburg coalmines.

Oudepastoriestraat 22
3390 Tielt-Winge
T: 016/63.95.56

®Lander Loeckx
®Lander Loeckx

Het Moment and the Abbey of Averbode

In the Het Moment experience centre, the canons of the beautiful Abbey of Averbode connect to an age-old abbey tradition. Try out their bread, their cheese, their beer and their abbey gingerbread.

Abdijstraat 1
3271 Averbode
T: 013/69.99.34

Scherpenheuvel Basilica

The country’s best-known basilica has been here since 1627, when Archduke Albert and Isabella closely supervised its construction. For nearly four centuries, Mary has been looking out from the roof over the bustle of the most gregarious pilgrimage city in the country.

Isabellaplein z/n
3270 Scherpenheuvel
T: 013/77.20.81

®Lander Loeckx
®Lander Loeckx
®Lander Loeckx

The Maiden Tower, Zichem

Just outside the centre of Zichem in the middle of the Demerbroeken green stands the Maiden Tower and like the church of Zichem this medieval tower, which dates from the 14th century, is also built of the characteristic brown ferruginous sandstone.

Huize Ernest Claes
Ernest Claesstraat 152
3270 Scherpenheuvel-Zichem
T: 013/77.20.81

De Maagdentoren
Steenweg Diest z/n
3271 Scherpenheuvel-Zichem
T: 013/77.20.81
(open 1 April – 31 Oktober)


Small white houses with their patron saints hung in a niche above the door, cobbled streets around a gothic beguinage church. The beguinage of Diest is one of the oldest, most beautiful and best preserved in Europe. Amble along the Demer which again flows through the city, with walking and cycling trails along its banks, access stairways, patios and even a plank bridge over the water. A blue-green water experience running through the historic city.

Provinciedomein Halve Maan Diest
Omer Vanaudenhovelaan 48
3290 Diest
T: 013/31.15.28

Begijnhof Diest
Begijnenstraat z/n
3290 Diest
T: 013/35.32.74

Groene gordel

®Lander Loeckx

The '14-'18 Experience centre in Tildonk

In this exciting experience centre in the former Ursuline convent of Tildonk, you relive the First World War years through the eyes of the people. Immerse yourself in the captivating stories, gripping images and vivid anecdotes. Fascinating history for young and old.

Kruineikestraat 5
3150 Haacht
T: 0471/97.36.42

Sportimonium / Hofstade

Compare your stamina with that of top Belgian athletes. An Olympic interactive game takes you through the history of the Olympic Games. Don’t forget the traditional sports garden! You can combine this with a visit to the recreation domain.

Tervuursesteenweg z/n
1981 Hofstade
T: 015/61.82.23

®Jokko - Joris Bulckens

Hof ten Dormaal

Father and sons Janssens brew beer with home-grown barley and hops. They gladly tell the story of beer, from the crops in the field to the finished product in the glass. You can experience the great flavour of this story in the attractive tasting room. This room’s entire interior was salvaged from a café destined for demolition.

Caubergstraat 2
3150 Tildonk (Haacht)
T: 0477/51.59.91

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®Lander Loeckx